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Tunes From Chadwick Street:

14 Jigs, Reels, and Other Musical Oddities

by Rob Curto

Stories and illustrations by Jennifer Rajotte and Rob Curto

Tunes From Chadwick Street is a collection of original tunes by Rob Curto cooked up in the style of beloved Traditional Irish jigs and reels and such, with a hefty dose of contemporary exploration and ideas ranging from the inevitable force of molecular motion, to expressions of existential angst felt during a global pandemic lockdown. Curto’s creativity and humor shows itself through a playful and contemplative approach to processing the world around him through music, resulting in a set of ear worms and toe-tapping tunes that are also, as it turns out, very fun to play.

The book includes 14 tunes with sheet music, short tune tales, and illustrations to create a delightfully compact volume, perfect for sticking in most any instrument case or bag on your way to the session! 


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Tunes From Chadwick Street is a completely independent publication created and printed during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the unprecedented times, we are offering pre-sale before printing for numerous reasons, including the ability to ensure printing costs do not over-exceed demand. Available in PDF-only AND print!


All delivery dates are estimates and will be updated as the publication process advances. 


Published, printed, & distributed by:

Wolf Den Management 


© 2020 Rob Curto

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