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Rob has over 20 years of experience as an educator. During his rich career as a world-class performer, Rob has also shared his musical knowledge through private lessons in Accordion and Piano, and workshops for students on both amateur and professional levels. Through teaching, Rob strives to give students not only first-hand information and insight, but the tools to then go and learn on their own. Skills such as how to organize one’s practicing, how to work on technique, how to play by ear and master new repertoire are emphasized. 

Learn from anywhere (with internet & a computer)!


Rob is adept at connecting with students across time zones using zoom, Skype, and other distance learning formats. Students get one-on-one attention, and also benefit from lesson videos and individualized study materials. 


Private lessons with Rob can include:


  • Development and/or Refinement of Basic Technique and Skills

  • Reading music and Playing by Ear.

  • Improvisation and Composition

  • Development of Repertoire

  • Ability to play Jazz and World Music styles with a specialization in Brazilian music, Roots Americana, Klezmer Music and Jazz

Email today about introductory rates!

What about Workshops, Lecture-Demonstrations, and the like?


Absolutely! Rob is an active learner and educator, and enjoys sharing his knowledge and experiences around accordion music, Brazilian music, traditional Irish button box, and his varied decades-long career as a musician, bandleader, and composer.

Rob has presented material ranging from specialized talks about the life and music of Luis Gonzaga and specific Brazilian styles, to accordion 101 or other instrumental workshops, to panels and conversations exploring the connections between Brazilian and Irish traditional music through accordion migration.

Interested in Rob Curto for a workshop or other appearance?

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UC Santa Barbara

California Brazil Camp (2006, 2007, 2014)

Workshops through the US State Dept in Mozambique, Ghana, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Spain, Malta, Thailand, Cambodia, China, Kuwait and Oman.

Workshops through Carnegie Hall’s program “Musical Horizons” in NYC (2014 to present)

Festivals by the National Council for Traditional Arts

Brooklyn Accordion Club

Philadelphia Folk Festival

Contact us to inquire about private lessons or workshops.



I love Rob’s methodical mind and the way he communicates about music. More than simply saying “Now do this," he gave me a whole way to think about how to practice. In a short amount of time he taught me a concept for what to work on and why it matters.



Rob can teach even complex pieces of music breaking them down in small easier steps. By explaining what and how to practice, he aims at giving a learning method that the students can apply when playing on their own.



I studied Brazilian accordion styles with Rob for two years and can say that his teaching completely transformed my playing. In addition to teaching me Forro and Choro styles and developing my ear, he helped me learn how to structure my practice time to be more efficient and effective.

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