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Rob Curto has created compositions and arrangements for many performance, recording, and film projects over the past 20 years.

His ear has been finely developed across genres, enabling a sophisticated depth of musical communication regardless of medium. 

Curto's original material draws from his unique harmonic approach, playful curiosity, and appreciation of cross-cultural musical dialogue.

In addition to composing and arranging for his own ensembles and projects, Curto has been commissioned to create original compositions for film, animations, and theater, as well as produce studio recordings for commercial clients. A conscientious and creative collaborator, Curto is available for commissioning and producing projects of all kinds.

Select compositional credits include:

Year                 Album/Project                         Primary Artist                  Credit

2019                   ONE                                               Fish Harmonics                   Composer

2015                   Documentary: The Same Heart                                                 Composer

2013                   Lua Ya                                           Yeahwon Shin                       Composer

2012                   Matuto                                           Matuto                                  Composer, Producer

1999                   Piano de Fole                                Rob Curto                             Composer

1999                   The Devil and the Diamond          Matuto                                   Composer, Producer

1999                   Bellow the Earth                            Rob Curto                             Composer

1997-8                TV: Bear in the Big Blue House                                                  Composer

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