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(Mostly) Solo Curto a is the musical culmination of the winding career path of accordionist, composer, and impetuously curious Rob Curto that offers up both original and classic tunes and songs.


Borrowing from Celtic, Americana, Brazilian, old-time, jazz, and more, Curto unabashedly brings the accordion to the forefront of American music today, blazing new harmonic paths and musical possibilities for the oft-maligned “squeeze box.” “Yes,” he tells us without words, fingers flying and eyes twinkling, “I AM making these sounds with bellows and buttons! It CAN be done!”

Actual things people say and have been heard many, many times:

“I didn’t know the accordion could be COOL!”

“He’s the Bela Fleck of accordion. Watch that guy.”

Enjoy a mix of piano accordion, button box, keys, singin', stompin', special guests, free reed facts, and more than a few anecdotes about animals.


Visit Rob's full bio here.

Booking for house concerts, listening rooms, and folk clubs: or via online form.

Management: Wolf Den Management

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